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Name: Külpiac Kereskedelemfejlesztési ZRT
Registered office: Tamási Áron street 50 ground floor 5, Budapest 1124, Hungary
Company register number: Cg.01-10-047332
Name of the authority registering Service Provider: Budapest Környéki Törvényszék Cégbírósága (Budapest Environs Regional Court)
Service Provider’s tax identification number: 2382873-2-43
Service Provider’s telephone number: +36 30 777-2713
Service Provider’s web page: www.letsfindyourperfectdog.com
Service Provider’s email address contact@letsfindyourperfectdog.com
Data protection register number: NAIH-91397/2015
Commercial activity registration number: 01-10-047332


The Service Provider shall be responsible for providing the Customer with a standard pedigree for the dog, if a pedigree is applicable. If an export pedigree is requested and the Service Provider is responsible for providing this. The Service Provider shall endeavour to provide the Customer with the applicable pedigrees within three months of purchase. Processing times by the appropriate Kennel Club are not within the remit of the Purchaser who shall not be liable for further delays.


When Customer submits an order, it shall be considered as a legal statement to conclude a contract. The contract concluded electronically comes into force when Service Provider’s confirmation of the order is delivered to Customer. The contract concluded this way in English between Parties shall be considered a written agreement. Service Provider shall file the contract and keep it for two years from the time of its conclusion. Service Provider shall not be liable for late or failed shipments or other problems and errors caused by incorrect or inaccurate order data given by Customer.


Service Provider shall collect the reserved dog from the Breeder, then Service Provider shall perform the prescribed veterinary checks. If the checks confirm that the dog is fit to be sold, Service Provider shall take steps to ship the dog to the shipping address provided by Customer. Shipping is allowed if each of the following conditions is met:

  • health checks verify that the dog is free of diseases;
  • there is no legal obstacle for the dog to travel to the country;
  • the airline that will ship the dog confirmed to Service Provider that the reservation request made for the dog is accepted.

Shipping shall be considered performed if the dog is shipped to the airport indicated by Customer. Customer shall take care of receiving the dog at the airport and pay for the additional costs if any. Service Provider shall inform Customer of the expected shipping time which may, however, be subject to change depending on the health checks and the shipping conditions. Service Provider shall inform Customer of the progress of the fulfillment of the order. Service Provider shall arrange shipping for the earliest possible date. Service Provider reserves the right to reject confirmed orders. In such a case, Service Provider shall reimburse the payment made by Customer within 15 days from the rejection of the order.


The price indicated as the total price of the order shall always mean a gross purchase price. The price shall be indicated in the currency that Customer preselected on the website. The purchase price is USD based. Service Provider shall indicate the purchase price in the currency selected by Customer based on the valid daily exchange rate of USD. The Total Price shall only be published in USD. For Customers residing within the European Union, a 27% VAT shall be additionally applied to the Total Price.


When confirming Customer’s order, Service Provider shall indicate the gross purchase price of the dog (includes the shipping and other costs). Service Provider shall also specify its bank account number and the order ID.

  • Bank transfer Payment

In the course of placing an order, Customer shall pay the full purchase price via bank transfer. Having received the bank transfer confirmation, Service Provider sets the dog’s status to Sold to prevent other Customers from reserving the dog. Service Provider shall notify Customer of the receipt of the transferred amount. The date of payment shall be the day when the full gross purchase price was credited on Service Provider’s bank account. When the dog reaches 12 weeks of age, or if older at the time of purchase, the Service Provider requires the Customer to pay the total price of the dog in full. Non receipt of this payment will result in the cancellation of the purchase. From this time, the total price of the dog becomes non refundable if the Customer chooses to cancel. If Customer fails to meet his/her payment obligation on time, and the full purchase price is not credited on Service Provider’s bank account until the due date specified by Service Provider, Service Provider is entitled to withdraw from the contract. Service Provider shall inform Customer of the withdrawal from the contract for reason of Customer’s default with no delay.



Pursuant to Point c) Paragraph (1) Section 29 of Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts concluded between consumers and business operation, Customer is not entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal without justification set forth in Section 20 in case of products that are clearly personalized. With reference to the above mentioned points of the Decree, Service Provider shall inform Customer that dogs sold by Service Provider are selected on the basis of Customer’s individual needs, therefore the delivery of dogs selected by Customer shall be considered a personalized service. Any withdrawal of contract by the Customer will cause a considerable and unforeseen delay in the homing of the dog and therefore result in unnecessary distress. Therefore, Customer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded with Service Provider without justification subsequent to the payment of the total price of the dog.


It shall not be considered as a breach of contract on Service Provider’s part, and Customer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract or terminate it, and he/she is not entitled to reclaim the fees already paid

  • if late performance is not attributable to Service Provider’s conduct;
  • if the color, size, complexion, appearance of the same dog differs from the photo published on the website (it is not a breach of contract if e.g. the dog has a darker shade, or it has grown too much since the time of the order, the ears are hanging, the eyes are shining etc…). If Customer intends to withdraw from the contract or terminate it for the reason that the shipped dog is not the same as the one that he reserved, Customer shall prove the case (e.g. there was a distinctive spot on the dog that proves beyond doubt that it is not the same dog);
  • the dog has temporary conditions that do not endanger or influence the dog’s health in the long run;
  • the dog has surface bruises that are the result of natural play, movements and keeping of dogs.

If Customer withdraws from the contract for reason of Service Provider’s breach of the contract, Parties shall settle accounts within 30 days from the receipt of the statement of withdrawal or termination by Service Provider. Parties are not entitled to withdraw from the contract for an insignificant reason. Service Provider shall warrant for deficient performance (implied warranty). Service Provider shall undertake a lifetime guarantee for the shipped dog against death caused by genetic or congenital reason. Service Provider’s guarantee rules are inseparable parts of this GTC. Based on his/her implied warranty claim, at his option, Customer is entitled to

  1. request a replacement dog, except if the performance of the selected implied warranty right is not feasible, or if it resulted disproportionate extra costs for Service Provider compared to the performance of another implied warranty claim, considering the value of the service in faultless status, the gravity of the breach of the contract, the damage of interest caused by the performance of the implied warranty claim to the obligee; or
  2. require the proportionate performance of the service, or he may withdraw from the contract, if obligor does not undertake replacement or not able to meet this obligation, or if obligee’s interest to repair or replacement ceased to exist.


Service Provider shall operate an electronic Customer Service to manage Customers’ feedbacks, investigate and remedy complaints and provide information to Customers. Customer Service is available at the following email address: customerservice@findyourperfectdog.com Service Provider shall investigate the complaint without delay and rectify it if necessary. If Customer is not satisfied with the way Service Provider addressed the complaint, Service Provider shall draw up minutes of the complaint and his position regarding the case with no delay, and send the minutes to Customer via email. If it is not feasible to investigate the complaint immediately, Service Provider shall draw up minutes of the complaint and send it to Customer via email. Service Provider shall reply in writing to complaints sent to the above addresses within 30 days. If the complaint is rejected, Service Provider shall justify the reason for rejection. Service Provider shall keep the reply for 1 year, and produce it to the authorities controlling his activities.


Service Provider shall store data received from Customer only for specific purposes and only to perform the contract and to verify the conditions of the contract at a later date. Service Provider shall not disclose Customer’s data to third parties, with the exception of the Card issuer, and except for third parties who act as Service Provider’s subcontractors. Service Provider shall manage Customer’s data by fully respecting the effective provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Information Self-Determination and Freedom of Information


By submitting the order, Customer declares that he/she is familiar with Service Provider’s General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement and acknowledges to be bound by them. Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages originating from the problems of connection to the website. Customer shall be liable for the protection of his computer and the data stored on the computer. Service Provider shall not be liable for damages caused by events beyond his control (force majeure) including but not limited to damages originating from the use or dysfunction of the website, modification of data by any person, late delivery of the information, computer viruses, software malfunctions, Internet network problems, other technical or system errors. If any points of this terms and conditions is found to be invalid, that point shall not affect the validity of the entire terms andconditions. In this case, Parties will replace the invalid point with a valid agreement with no delay according to their original intention at the time of concluding the contract. Concluding parties shall attempt to settle their disputes pertaining to this contract by mutual agreement. If they fail to reach agreement this way, Parties agree that the disputes shall be exclusively decided by the Court of Arbitration attached to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Budapest in accordance with its own Rules of Proceedings This contract qualifies as an arbitration agreement with respect to Act LXXI of 1994 on Arbitration. Parties agree that the number of arbitrators shall be one and the Arbitration Court shall proceed according to its Rules of Proceedings. This terms and conditions and the legal relations based on the contract are governed by the laws of Hungary. All issues not stipulated in this terms andconditions will be governed by the applicable laws of Hungary.


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Tax identification number: 2382873-2-43
Company register number: Cg.01-10-047332
Data protection register number: NAIH-91397/2015
Commercial activity registration number: 01-10-047332

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